Platform Technology

    Platform Technology

    We have developed and commercialized the multi-immunoblot automation system used in general hospitals and medical examination centers, the on-site diagnosis system used in small and
    medium-sized hospitals, and the mobile diagnosis system used by individuals at home.
    In order to build these various systems, various basic technologies such as IT, mechanics, and design/design are required, and finally, they are commercialized through fusion with bio/Nano technology-based reagents for in vitro diagnostics.

    Micro & Low Power Analysis System

    Micro & Low Power Analysis System
    • m-Health diagnosis and the foundational technology of digital health care

    • Optical detection using LED/PD

    • Independent optical arrangement / Algorithm (patent)

    • Biosensor ↔ Smartphone interlocking and sensor information recognition

    Time-resolved Fluorescence (TRF)

    • A measurement technology that uses a lanthanide-based fluorescent material with a long fluorescence duration to increase the signal and eliminate noise through time control

    • Construction of low-cost and high-efficiency optical system using wide Stoke's shift (patent)

    • Simultaneous Fluorescence/TRF/Optical Measurement

    • Maximize sensitivity and specificity (quantitative analysis of trace biomarkers)

    Liquid Level Detection (LLD)

    • Essential technology of a fully automated analysis system

    • Securing precision of dispensing by recognizing whether the sample is aspiration and malfunctioning

    • Improved accurate dispensing function by increasing the suction sensitivity by more than 2 times compared to the existing technology (patented)

    Automation System

    • Developed the world's first integrated immunoblot automation system

    • Automate the entire process including dispensing-reaction-washing-analysis

    • Dramatically reduce analysis time

    • Introduction of immunoblot lot management system

    • Development of precise temperature control technology (patent application)