Immunochemical Technology

    The most important raw material for immunochemical diagnostic products is antibodies.
    We have biotechnology and experience in developing various types of high-level antibodies, such as structure-specific antibodies, antibodies that distinguish microstructural differences, and neutralizing antibodies used for biopharmaceutical analysis.
    We have various immunoassay development technologies that can secure high sensitivity and precision, and we are developing various products through this.
    In addition, it possesses nanoparticle-related technologies such as gold nanoparticle optimization technology and fluorescent particle manufacturing technology, and is used as a label for in vitro diagnostic products to achieve high sensitivity and perform more accurate quantitative analysis.

    Antibody Development Technology

    Antibody Technology 01
    • Structure-specific antibody development technology

    • Single injection recognition antibody development technology

    • Neutralizing antibody development technology

    • Antibody characterization and screening technology

    Antibody Production Using Serum-free Suspension Culture

    Antibody Technology 02
    • Bioreactor-based mass production identical to antibody pharmaceuticals

    • Securing the homogeneity of antibody raw materials

    Rapid Diagnosis

    Rapid diagnosis technology 01
    • Development of immunochromatography using gold nanoparticles (COVID-19 rapid antigen diagnosis, pregnancy test, etc.)

    Fluorescence Quantitative Analysis and High-sensitivity Time-resolved Fluorescence Analysis Technology

    Rapid diagnosis technology 02
    • Technology to quantitatively analyze antigen-antibody reaction using fluorescent labels (CRP, Total IgE, HbA1c, etc.)

    • High-sensitivity testing possible through time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) technology using Europium particles (Troponin I, PCT, COVID-19 antigen test, etc.)

    Multiplexed ImmunoBlot

    Rapid diagnosis technology 03
    • Immunoassay technology that can test dozens of biomarkers in one strip (allergy-specific antibody test, autoimmune antibody test, etc.)

    Enzyme immunoassay technology

    Rapid diagnosis technology 04
    • Immunoassay technology for analysis using 96-well plates and enzyme conjugates (COVID-19 antibody test, COVID-19 neutralizing antibody test, etc.)

    Gold Nanoparticle

    • Nanoparticle production technology of uniform size

    • Gold Nanoparticle Analysis Technology to Securing Reproducibility

    • Securing high sensitivity with antibody-gold nanoparticle conjugation technology

    Fluorescent Particle

    A fluorescent particle
    • Unique fluorescent microsphere production technology (patented)

    • Production of fluorescent nanoparticles of uniform size

    • Implementation of high sensitivity reporting and photobleaching stability