Global in vitro diagnostic total platform leader


    Sugentech conducts personalized diagnosis by using complementary platforms such as Multiplex Blot, POCT,
    and m-Heath that have been commercialized based on bio, nano, and IT convergence technologies.
    Through this, we are implementing a smart, mobile health care system that enables disease prediction and
    prevention, diagnosis, customized prescription, and post-treatment observation(monitoring).

    Sugentech produces/distributes a diagnostic kit and analysis device that can test for COVID-19,
    cardiovascular diseases, influenza, diabetes, infectious diseases, pregnancy, ovulation, etc.,
    and a fully automatic diagnostic system that can test more than 100 types of allergy.
    In addition, we are focusing our efforts on developing kits and
    devices that help women manage their health by measuring female hormones.

    Field of business

    Sugentech is conducting personalized diagnosis
    by using complementarly the commercialized platform
    based on bio, nano, and IT convergence technologies
    as a complement to each other.


    Multi-immunoblot system for
    general hospitals and examination centers

    In 2013, we developed the world's first fully automatic multi-immunoblotting device
    and supplied a total of 500 units to LG Chem and YHLO in China.
    This product is currently being used for allergy diagnosis in general hospitals and
    examination centers across the country, and various diagnostic reagents used in the
    multi-immunoblot system are also being developed and supplied.

    We also developed a multi-diagnostic kit and fully automatic multi-immunoblotting
    device 'S-Blot3' that can diagnose whether you are allergic to 102 types of allergens,
    such as food and pollen, with blood, and received marketing approval from the Ministry
    of Food and Drug Safety and CE certification in Europe.
    In particular, by introducing the lot management function for the first time,
    we are improving the accuracy of allergy testing and securing quality competitiveness
    in domestic and overseas markets.


    POCT system for small and medium-sized hospitals

    The COVID-19 diagnosis method is largely divided into a virus test and
    an immune response test depending on whether a nasopharyngeal swab sample is used or blood is used.
    Virus tests using nasal/nasopharyngeal samples are again devided into genetic and antigen tests,
    and the most commonly used methods are molecular diagnosis(PCR), repid antibody diagnosis,
    and rapid antigen diagnosis.

    The COVID-19 antibody rapid diagnosis kit 'SGTi-flex COVID-19 IgM/IgG' tests whether IgM antibody
    and IgG antibody generated during COVID-19 infection are present in the blood to
    diagnose whether or not COVID-19 infection is present. Visual analysis is possible in no time.


    Mobile diagnostic system for Home/Personal

    Sugentech's personalized diagnosis technology is leading a change in the medical paradigm.
    'Surealy Smart' developed by Sugentech is a product that combines the concentration patterns
    of 5 types of female hormones measured in urine to diagnose and monitor female diseases and
    manage them throughout the life cycle.

    Currently, there is no product in the market that can diagnose a woman's health condition
    by examining 5 types of female hormones, so 'Surearly Smart' is expected to build competitiveness.

    POINT 01

    Fully automated

    • Developed for the first time in the world
      in 2013.
    • Used for allergy diagnosis in general hospitals and examination centers.
    POINT 02

    COVID-19 diagnosis Kit

    • Exported to over 50 countries around the world.
    • Acquired European conformity certification(CE CoC) for self-inspection
      for the first time in a domestic company
    POINT 03

    Surearly SMART

    • Diagnosis of female diseases by combining concentration patterns of 5 types of female hormones measured in urine.
    • Life cycle management of women through self-diagnosis.