Sugentech Inc. develops in-vitro diagnostic systems and products
based on BT-IT-NT convergence technology


Multiplex blot system is equipped with a variety of IT technologies which allow the system to identify patient information, to dispense samples and reagents such as antibodies, antigens and enzymes in precise quantities, to mix and aspirate them, to dry the reacted strips, and to read the results on the strip. The system also need a firmware program for hardware drive and a software program including the analysis algorithm that can convert measurement results to meaningful data. As the requirements for multiplexing assay, high throughput, and automation vary by country, it is necessary to continuously develop products that meet the market demands. It is also necessary to develop IT technology for mass processing and full automation and devices for a new disease diagnosis.

Micro & low-voltage analysis system

  • Optical sensing using LED / PD
  • Lithium metal coin cell battery
  • Unique optical sensor array
  • Patent-registered algorithm
  • Interlocking between sensor and smartphone and recognizing sensor information (patent applied)
  • Quantitiative analysis, application for various biosensors
  • Test Result Analysis using a smart phone (patent registered)

Multiplex bands analysis technology

  • High precision and accuracy in the quantitative analysis through real-time
    location correction and unstructured band analysis.

Time-Resolved Fluorescence(TRF) analysis technology

  • High sensitivity, suppressing autofluorescence by using TRF of a lanthanide complex
  • Unique optical system and analysis method (patented)

Simultaneous absorption and fluorescence analysis

  • Simultaneous measurement of fluorescent particle and gold nanoparticle (patented)
  • Accuracy improvement
  • Noise removal algorithm

Liquid level sensing technology

  • Essential technology for fully automatic system
  • Accuracy improvement using highly sensitive Hybrid LLD (Pressure LLD + Capacitance LLD)
  • Sample and clot/bubble recognition
  • Enhanced sensitivity by maximized cLLD performance (patent applied)

Dispensing technology

  • Dispensing accuracy (CV ≤ 5%)
  • Removal of residual reagents

Automated analysis system

  • World’s first development technology
  • Precise control for 3-axis robot
  • Essential technologies for medical devices of central laboratories: High throughput, Reduction of human errors
  • Fully automatic system from samples to results
  • Automated analysis system for strip (patent applied)
  • Unattached strip analysis available (patented)

Substantially reduced test time

Fully automatic process

  • Sample

  • Sample

  • Reagents

  • Sample

  • Antibody

  • Enzyme

  • Substrate

  • Drying

  • Measurement
    and Analysis

Assembly type blot strip

  • Various lengths of strips available
  • Optional tests available