Sugentech Inc. develops in-vitro diagnostic systems and products
based on BT-IT-NT convergence technology


In general, the most important raw material of immunochemical diagnostic products is antibodies. We have various kinds of advanced technology and experience to develope antibodies such as structure-specific antibody, small molecule recognizing antibody, neutralizing antibody, etc. We also have various immunoassay development skills to secure high sensitivity and precision, and based on this, we are developing a wide variety of products. In general, when a rapid diagnostic immunochemical test is performed by a layperson, the self-interpretation result(visual inspection) might be inaccurate if there were unrecognized product defects or user's procedural wrong behaviors during testing. However, our immuno assay technology using micro&low-voltage system can greatly improve the accuracy without such kind of errors. We also have nano particles technology such as development of gold nanoparticles or fluorescent nanoparticles, and we use them as labeling markers for the IVD products for more accurate and sensitive quantitiative analysis.

Antibody development technology

  • Structure-specific antibody
  • Single molecule recognizing antibody
  • Neutralizing antibody
  • Small molecule recognizing antibodyOptimization of various reactions
    : sandwich immunoreaction, competitive immunoreaction, Class Capture immunoreaction, indirect immunoreaction
  • Applications of therapeutic antibodies development technology
  • Securing homogenized antibody raw materials and productivity

Various immunoassay development technology

  • Optimization of biosensor and immunoassay technology to achieve high sensitivity & precision
  • Application technology of immunochromatography, ELISA, immunoblot
  • Biomedicine analysis technology such as ADA (Anti-Drug Antibody) etc.
  • Rapid diagnostic technology within 3 min.

ARTS (Advanced Reflectance Tracking System)

  • Unique micro & low-voltage analysis system calculating control line, noise, etc.
  • Real-time analysis algorithm for gold nanoparticle reaction on biosensor (patented)

Optimization technology of gold nanoparticle

  • Uniform size nanoparticles production technology
  • Gold nanoparticle analysis technology to secure reproducibility
  • Antibody-gold nanoparticle conjugate technology to secure high sensitivity

Fluorescent particle technology

  • Unique fluorescent microsphere production technology (patented one step reaction)
  • Uniform size fluorescent nanoparticles production
  • Highly sensitive performance by millions of fluorescent molecules
  • Unlike other fluorescent molecules, More stable without photobleaching