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World's first blood-based TB diagnostic kit launched in China

  • May 28, 2019

Sugentech has announced that it has begun clinical trials of its tuberculosis diagnostic kit in China.


Tuberculosis, one of the three major infectious diseases managed by the World Health Organization (WHO), has only been diagnosed using sputum, making accurate and rapid diagnosis difficult. Sugentech has developed the world's first kit for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in blood and has confirmed its excellent clinical performance in the domestic clinical trial earlier this year and has applied for permission to the Korea Food Research Laboratories.


The company has been promoting a business alliance with global clinical trials to enter the global diagnostic market of 3 trillion won annually and has recently started clinical trials with one of the three largest TB drug producing countries in the world. Clinical trial results will be available within a few months, and license-out agreements will be concluded with Chinese pharmaceutical companies based on clinical trial results.


The company is also negotiating clinical trials and licensing procedures with two Southeast Asian health authorities and is also targeting WHO certification and supply through multinational clinical trials. In fact, the US company Sepheid developed a small molecule diagnostic device using sputum and supplied 660,000 test cases to WHO only in 2018, and sold 6 billion won a year and acquired 5 trillion won in multinational diagnostic company Danaher.


A company representative said, "Generally, diagnostic products are in the form of distributor contracts, but the blood-based TB diagnostic kit is worthwhile as an innovative first-in-class product and is negotiating license-out contracts. "We are pursuing a business alliance with a number of global diagnostics companies due to high market demand."


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