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Troponin I

A diagnostic kit for quantitatively measuring Troponin I(TnI)

INCLIX™ Troponin I quantitatively measures troponin I concentration in whole blood, serum or plasma. using the INCLIX™ analyzer. For in vitro diagnostic use only. Cardiac troponin I (Tn I) is a protein found in myocardial muscle and the most sensitive biomarker for detection of acute myocardial infarction (AMI).The concentration of Tn I in the healthy human is below about 0.5 ng/ml and the level of Tn I is increased within 4-6 hours after the onset of chest pain. After cardiac injury occurs, peak in approximately 8 to 28 hours, and remain elevated for 3 to 10 days following AMI. The Tn I test is well known to be an important prognostic indicator of heart disease. The Tn I Test is based on immunochromatography technology. When the sample is loaded to the device, the detection antibody which is conjugated with the colloidal gold in the dried pad binds to Tn I and flows through the membrane. The detection antibody-gold conjugate and Tn I move to the test line area and are accumulated by the capture antibody immobilized on the membrane. This leads to the generation of a reddish colored band. The intensity of the band depends on quantity of Tn I molecules and is analyzed by INCLIX™ analyzer for quantitative readout.