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Test Item


A diagnostic kit for quantitatively measuring CRP/hsCRP/dualCRP

INCLIX™ CRP / hsCRP / dualCRP Test quantitatively measures C-reactive protein (CRP) concentration in whole blood, serum and plasma using the INCLIX™ analyzer. For in vitro diagnostic use only. C-reactive protein (CRP) is synthesized by the liver and is one of the acute phase proteins. In the acute phase response, increased concentrations of a number of plasma proteins, including CRP, are observed. CRP concentration measurements are useful in the detection and evaluation of inflammatory disorders, tissue injury, and infections. Low level of CRP can be the indicator of cardiovascular disease in apparently healthy people. However, increases in CRP are nonspecific, and should be interpreted in the context of a complete clinical evaluation. Apparently healthy individuals with an elevated hsCRP value should have the test repeatedly to rule out a recent response to undetected infection or tissue injury. INCLIX™ CRP / hsCRP / dualCRP Test is a rapid test based on immunochromatography technique “lateral flow” using highly specific monoclonal antibodies. The detection antibody-gold conjugate and CRP leads to the generation of a reddish colored band on the strip. The intensity of the band depends on quantity of CRP molecules and is analyzed by INCLIX™ analyzer for quantitative readout.