Sugentech Inc. develops in-vitro diagnostic systems and products
based on BT-IT-NT convergence technology




The INCLIX™ S900 is an analyzer for quantitative and qualitative determination of analytes by capturing and analyzing the image of test result for lateral flow immunoassay. Through the reaction of the capture antibody which is fixed to a membrane, antigen and gold nanoparticle-labelled detection antibody, the antigen concentration in the blood appears as the intensity on the test line on the test cassette. It is ideal for meeting the needs for point-of-care testing (POCT). INCLIX™ S900 is an immunochromatographic analyzer providing immediate point-of-care testing (POCT) at patient care settings or clinical laboratories. It facilitates automatic detection of various biomarkers for cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, cancer, diabetes, allergy, thyroid disease and etc. with high accuracy and sensitivity. INCLIX™ S900 analyzer is a compact, easy-to and cost-effective instrument and its unique user friendly software provides an efficient data management system. Test results can be printed out using the built-in thermal printer or the connected local & network printer.

Sample preparation
Antigen-Antibody reaction


  • Semi-Quantitative or Qualitative
  • Portable POCT System
  • Multiple Tests
  • Accurate & compact
  • 7 inch Touch Screen
  • Easy to Use
  • Both Qualitative and Quantitative Testing
  • Instrument Check by Reference Kit
  • Rapid kit analysis algorithm applied
  • Built-in Thermal Printer and QR code reader
  • Language(UI): English (Other languages will be available)
  • Easy to store and process large data (SD card compatible)
  • Options : External keyboard, External network printer, External barcode scanner