Sugentech Inc. develops in-vitro diagnostic systems and products
based on BT-IT-NT convergence technology


Molecular Diag.

From Sample to result One-step Immunoblot assay optimized full-auto blotting


Sample loading
Antigen-Antibody reaction


  • Implemented an electronic full automation system using a precision three-axis robot.
  • Precise dispensing of samples by ADP
  • No contamination between samples by Disposal tip method
  • Decrease Dead vol. by Liquid level detection system
  • Testing Samples up to 48
  • Reagent dispensing accuracy increased by precision Peristaltic pump
  • Implementation of Southern blot assay through Hit block module
  • Improved analysis accuracy by stable white LED
  • Improved reproducibility with high sensitivity camera and analysis algorithm
  • Application: HPV / TB-MDR / NTM etc.