Sugentech Inc. develops in-vitro diagnostic systems and products
based on BT-IT-NT convergence technology


Semi Automation

From antigen-antibody reactions to analytical functions, Strip-based Semi-automatic Immunoassay Equipment

This product is implemented as the first automated blotting system in South Korea. It can load and analyze up to 48 specimens per run, and its analysis algorithm is applied to shorten analysis time. This product is a system to measure the quantitative concentration of color through a specific antigen-antibody reaction, ensuring analytical accuracy by adopting stable high sensitivity LED and camera. In addition, this product has been certificated 1st grade of MFDS domestic medical device and CE-IVD European medical device and CFDA in China.

Sample loading
Antigen-Antibody reaction


  • Up to 48 samples per 1 run
  • High performance peristaltic pump improves dispensing accuracy
  • Reduced analysis time By outstanding software
  • Qualitative/quantitative analysis specific antigen-antibody reaction
  • Accurate analysis by high sensitivity LED and camera
  • Application Allergy (Food, Inhalant, Atopy etc),
  • Autoimmune Disease (ANA/ Myositis/Vasculitis/Gastro etc)