Sugentech Inc. develops in-vitro diagnostic systems and products
based on BT-IT-NT convergence technology

Multiplex BLOT

The Multiplex product is a disease diagnostic device used in a large hospital analysis room. It consists of an immunoblot strip type kit and an analyzer which preprocesses the reagent reaction and analyzes the reacted strip. We have developed an automated instrument that integrates the analysis functions and preprocessing of strip reagents to meet the market demand for systems that can simultaneously diagnose various diseases on samples. We are constantly upgrading our products.

Point of Care Testing(POCT)

In-vitro diagnostic devices have qualitative products that determine the presence or absence of diseases as 'negative or positive', and quantitative analysis products can measure the concentration of biomarkers to determine the presence or absence of disease or disease progression. Our Professional POCT products are accurate and convenient to use by medical professionals such as doctors and clinical pathologists, using biosensors (diagnostic kits) and CMOS image sensors that use immunochromatographic principles. It is a quantitative analysis on-site diagnosis system that analyzes the inspection results.

Self testing

Our self-testing product is a disease diagnostic device based on our own ultra-small/low power analytical technology. It is a product that patients or consumers use products directly to diagnose their disease or biomarkers. Currently, self-testing products include pregnancy test devices and ovulation test devices. This means that the general consumer can check the pregnancy or ovulation status with the urine, and the brand has the meaning of "Surearly" which is a compound word of ‘Sure’ and ‘Early’.